KSC Professor Peter Temple's Collabrative Architectural Project Team 1 - Derek Small, Nick Lima & Jenna Gibbons

Our team’s main goal in the renovation of the Samuel E. Paul War Memorial Park was to create an environment that promoted health and wellness throughout the town of Troy, New Hampshire. In order to achieve this main goal, we believed that we had to also achieve a set of smaller goals and we had to incorporate the park into the rest of the town. This could be achieved with a pathway system, creating a pedestrian highway which the citizens of Troy could use on foot or bike to get around the town in a more environmentally friendly way.

KSC Professor Peter Temple's Collaborative Architectural Project Team 2 - Brittany Blinn, Nathan Burse & Gabriel Laplume

Our Collaborative Architecture Project was the revitalization of the Samuel E. Paul War Memorial Park located on South Street adjacent to the town center in Troy, N.H. This park was originally established by Doctor Samuel E. Paul in 1949. At its inception, the War Memorial Park served the town of Troy and surrounding communities as a recreational center supporting various community oriented programs. Traditionally the heart of the site was the water related activities offered to local residents.

KSC Geography Survey Results April 2011

Keene State College students Heidi Crowell and Catherine Stack under the direction of Professor Christopher Cusack conducted a survey and compiled their findings in an action plan for recreation in Troy.  These two students did an outstanding job and the Sand Dam Commission will be using their findings to move forward in the restoration of our recreation area.

Health & Wellness Assessment Result April 2011

KSC students Amanda Grover and Katelyn Parmenter under the direction of Professor Marj Droppa frrom the Health Science Department in collaboration with the Samuel E. Paul War Memorial Commission submitted their Health and Wellness Assessment Results to residents of Troy at the Inn at East Hill Farm on April 27th, 2011. Troy’s survey results when compared to National averages fall within the average with some results above average.

This is just a preliminary survey with more work to be done next year.