The Recreation Park Gets a Face lift and a New Community Center!

Peter has gifted considerable funds to enhance the Community Center and the park. He has stated his expectation that in support of his gift to Troy “efforts are made” on the part of the town officials and residents to raise money for the Samuel E. Paul Community Center and Recreation Park and ongoing support. 
Over the next few months you can expect to see a lot of action at Sand Dam! After completion, you will enter an enlarged paved parking lot. Situated just off the lot is a 40’ x 60’ handicap assessable Community Center with a three-sided wrap around cedar porch. The structure will have red stained clapboard siding, cedar shakes on the gable ends, and gray lifetime warranty shingles. There will be a combination heating and air conditioning system installed for year round comfort. When you enter the building there’s a large room with new tables and chairs and a movable wall divider allowing for two meeting rooms. There’s a complete commercial kitchen with new appliances and serving window to the outside. The two double occupancy bathrooms have entrances from both inside and outside the building. This facility is fully secured with cameras plus a burglary and fire alarm system. 
A new basketball court will be located behind the pavilion and the old location will be resurfaced for the Kristin Davis-Hoffmann Skate Park. This move allows a large grassy area between the playground and the skate park. The trimming of pine trees and removal of the “snack shack” will provide an enhanced view of the water. 
As you can see, a lot of time and effort has been put into this mission. Special thanks to former commission members: Valerie Britton, Chairman, Lisa Steadman, Vice-Chairman, Mikel Steadman, Secretary, Jim Champine, Jim Dicey, Jim Selig, James Fallon, Veronica Hoffmann, Dennis Pratt and to Dan Lang for volunteering numerous hours of their time to revitalize Dr. Paul’s memorial.