KSC Students Help Clean Up Sand Dam

Keene State College has joined together with the Samuel E. Paul War Memorial Commission in a Service Learning Project in support of the Sand Dam restoration project. This project integrates the College’s values of citizenship and academic achievement with opportunities for service to Troy.  This program links hands-on-learning with community needs providing valuable services.  KSC President Giles-Gee stands 100% behind the students and professors who will be working on this project.  In President Giles-Gee’s words, “You can’t go through the gates that say, “Enter to learn, go for to serve” and not feel called to serve our community.”

On October 13th, Professor Cusak and three students from his geography classes attended our commission meeting. Under Professor Cusak’s leadership, these students will be gathering data, surveying the public about their ideas on how to revitalize Sand Dam so our commission can ultimately move forward with a master plan plus any other areas citizens s are interested in.  

This is only the first phase of the KSC Service Learning Project. Also on board is Gordon Leversee, Dean of Student Activities and Social Services, Architecture Prof. Peter Temple, and Environmental Studies Professor Bill Fleeger. 

On October 23rd, several student volunteers helped hand rake out the leaves and debris from the edge of the pond.