1959 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report - The 1959 season was the first conducted under a largely new committee.  They reduced the staff from 4 to 3 members, discontinued the morning program, offered an evening adult or family program and enlarged the committee to include more female members. The program with Fitzwilliam continued for the same $300 fee.  There weren’t any major capital improvements, but Cumings Lumber Co.

1960 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report - The 1960 season at the Sand Dam was a reasonably successful
one. Among the plans which we saw developed were the addition of the morning program, the expansion of the craft program, and a widely used informal teen-age evening program.
We were happy to note that generally the care of War Memorial Program property was greatly improved. A sizable amount of repairing was done to the main building, bathhouses, out houses, clothes racks, and wharves.  The three buildings were re-stained and all metal slides, etc. were re-

1961 - 1969 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Reports - The 1961 season the ten-week program was a successful one with several highlights.  Property maintenance was considerably improved.   The purchase of a second hand lawn mower enabled the staff to keep the entrance nicely mowed and open up the area beneath the pines for picnicking. Again this season included Fitzwilliam children.  The Troy-Fitzwilliam committee met jointly several times with a high degree of cooperation.