Samuel Paul

Dr. Samuel E. Paul was born in Malden, Massachusetts on March 28, 1911.
He received his B.S. in Biology & Public Health in 1932 and graduated from
Boston University Medical School in 1937.  The following words were written
by Dr. Paul in his Autobiography in connection with the Troy Living War Memorial (Sand Dam).  Dr. Paul’s son, Peter Paul, has granted permission for its use in this article:

September 29, 1888 – New Hampshire Sentinel

Sand Dam Past and Present  September 29, 1888 – New Hampshire Sentinel

1949 - The First Year of the Troy Living War Memorial

Shortly after World War II had ended, the citizens of Troy wanted to honor their veterans with a special memorial.   Instead of a typical monument they decided on a “living memorial” for the children of Troy.  Since countless men lost their lives unnecessarily during the war because they had never learned the basics of swimming, the idea was to design a program where all the children of Troy had the opportunity to learn how to swim.  The perfect location for such a memorial was a piece of property owned by Troy Blanket Mill known as

1950 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report -It was a cool summer in 1950, which reduced water sports throughout the eastern seaboard.  Despite the cool weather three recipients of the Senior Red Cross Life Saving received awards.  Children were still able to enjoy games of touch football, softball, basketball, volleyball and other games for the younger groups.  There was an old icehouse on the premise no longer in use and plans were made to remove it in the fall so there would be a larger portion of playing surface for other sports.  In the meantime, a steel maypole and swings were adde

1951 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report  - Instruction for the aquatic activities was presented through the American Red Cross graded system consisting of three groups; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.   In order to maintain interest these programs were held each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The highlight to the aquatic segment was when the waterfront director, Mr. Russell McLaughlin put on a water show.