Great News!

Great News! A private donation of $179,000.00 has been secured and will be combined with existing funds to insure there will be no burden of cost to the taxpayers for significant improvements at Sand Dam.
 A large (40’ x 60’) multi-use Community Center has been added to last year’s Master Plan.  It includes a large main room with a divider for meetings, a full size kitchen, bathrooms and cellar for storage.  In addition, the parking lot will be enlarged. The new facility will be ideal for fundraisers, meetings, voting, and special events. 
 The restoration of the park includes a new site for the basketball court.  The skate park will be upgraded and relocated away from the smaller children’s playground and repairs will also be made to the ball field.  If the article is approved, work will begin in 2014. 
 In addition, ongoing maintenance cost for this new facility will be covered through the existing budget making this a real value for our community!
 PLEASE attend the town meeting and VOTE for the Samuel E. Paul Community Center and War Memorial Park, a recreational facility the town can be very proud of!