1970 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report - This past season was a year of accomplishments. Harlan Mitchell and the Highway Department, enlarged the beach by 50% to offer more swimming area to more people at onetime.  A new diving board was purchased to help hold down injuries and add much more pleasure in this area.  A resuscitator was purchased as a preventive measure and all three Sand Dam instructors were capable of using this life saving resuscitator. Town drinking water was installed thanks to Bill Parker and the Troy Water Works. Many small jobs were done for upkeep such as painting the buildings. Foss Trucking removed the rubbish; the Fire Department helped to clean the beach, put up the dock, and for building a new wooden ramp for the dock; Daniels Village Store paid for the telephone; Tommila Building Supplies made contributions.
The winter program of last winter had much to be desired even with the hard work of  Bob Parsons  skating program last year and this year.  The Fire Department was on hand to for their flooding of the rink.
Through a combined effort of Mrs. Brown of the Fitzwilliam Ski Area and Mr. Gerald Britton of the Troy Elementary School and the Troy War Memorial Program, they had a six-week ski instruction program at the Fitzwilliam Ski Area. The summer program at the Sand Dam this past year was probably the best they ever had. There was a few setbacks such as no profit on our soda sales because of vandalism. The vandals broke into our building and stole all the soda on hand plus they opened cans of soda in the soda machine and because of this they had to have a repairman at least once a week come down and repair the machine. The drinking water didn't last very long because some vandals broke the bubbler and then broke off the pipe leading to the bubbler. The first job of the next next season was to repair the porch floor of the building because some vandals smashed a number of boards out of it. The committed planed to enlarge the parking area to accommodate more users and to clear the area between the ball field and swimming area and provide fireplaces and picnic tables and shade trees for the town's people that enjoy swimming and picnicking. John Haselton, Martin Rocheleau and Bob Daniels helped in making the Troy War Memorial a credit to the town of Troy.