1961 - 1969 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Reports - The 1961 season the ten-week program was a successful one with several highlights.  Property maintenance was considerably improved.   The purchase of a second hand lawn mower enabled the staff to keep the entrance nicely mowed and open up the area beneath the pines for picnicking. Again this season included Fitzwilliam children.  The Troy-Fitzwilliam committee met jointly several times with a high degree of cooperation. The highlight of the year’s activities was the open house and catered chicken barbeque.It was held on July 23rd and approximately 400 people visited during the day.  After the barbeque her children gave a 50 star flag in memory of Mary Thompson. A swimming meet was held in Jaffrey and the Troy-Fitzwilliam girls performed a water ballet.  The open house received good publicity in the local papers.  Field trips were taken to the Keene Summer Theater, Mount Monadnock and Bicycle trip to Fitzwilliam. On closing day the had a Hobo parade, corn eating contest, watermelon scramble, pie eating contest, presentation of Red Cross certificates and a tennis court dance with Alan Kendall’s Orchestra. The staff was enlarged to six to ensure better waterfront and mail building coverage. Summer staff was:  Victor Collette, Director; Michael Dunn, Asst. Director; Barbara Starkey, James McGinnes, Sharon Girouard and Margaret Cumings, Assistants.

In 1962 the director and his assistants had done a wonderful job with the children, and the care of the property.  The erection of a bathhouse by Mr. Allen Wheeler and his helpers at a very low cost was a great improvement to the area.   Summer staffs were:  Timothy Fitzgerald, Director, Marylen MacQuestion and Richard Omen, Assistants.

In 1963 it was agreed upon that the summer program was successful.  New Hampshire Electric Co. changed all the lights and poles with no expense, Troy Mills donated basketball uprights and Dr. Samuel Paul, donated $125.00 towards the resurfacing of the tennis courts.  The former Troy Textile Union donated $600.00.  Summer staffs were:
Michael Dunn,  Director; Pierre Lagrenade and Margaret Cumings, Assistants.

In 1964 Harlan Mitchell donated his time and equipment for the resurfacing of the beach.
Despite a certain amount of vandalism the summer program was successful, even more so because of the new wharf which was a big hit.  The grounds were cleared of brush, trees, etc. which improved the appearance of the area.  However, there was a great need for anew drinking eater supply. Summer staffs were: Michael Dunn, Director; Pierre Lagrenade and Margaret Cumings, Assistants.

In 1965 of he balance on hand of $1,757.65, the sum of $200 was earmarked for the Little League and $400.00 for the purchase of an addition to the wharf.  They were still in great need for a water fountain and the water level at the dam was low.  Unfortunately, they didn’t get much cooperation from the mill to fix the problem.  Despite the water situation, the children still used the area.  The summer staff was:  James McGinness, director; Pierre Lagrenade and Margaret Cumings, assistants.

In 1966 the money that had been earmarked for the addition to the wharf was put toward the fence and gates, repairs to the building and the clearing of the grounds, which was found to be more important.  Dr. Samuel Paul donated $920.00 toward half the cost of the new tennis court, which was put in by Theron Goodnow, who also gave much of his labor without cost.  M&M Co. from Winchendon, Mass also donated much time and labor when paving the tennis area. Thanks to Troy Mills there wasn’t any water level problems.  Robert Daniels took care of all of the expense for a telephone that was installed in the building. Summer staff was: Richard Oman, Director; Mary Callahan, Martha Cumings and Shelia Lagrenade, assistants.

In 1967 Fuller Ripley donated $200.00 for a new tennis net and accessories and Robert Daniels once again took care of the phone service.  Summer staff was:  Robert L. Stevens, Director; Dana Drake and Dennis Poirier, assistants.

In 1968 The beach was improved and enlarged by fifty percent. New lights were installed and the tennis court resurfaced.   The coming year they planned to start a winter program of at least skating as the first step. 

In 1969 With the help of James Coppo and Martin Rocheleau along with Troy Mills the bridge was built over the dam.  The drinking water was still a problem, but the Water Commissioner assured the committee that with the new main waterline on South Street it would not be a big job to install water.  John Hazelton ran the Winter Program and Bob Parsons was the skating instructor. The amount of $500.00 was earmarked for a new playground such as swings, slide, a new diving board and a slide for the beach. Dr. Paul left two boats to be used.  During this season it was noted that there was some problem with the drop of numbers in children attending the summer program and parents were urged to take advantage of the facility.  As with all prior years, the two main objectives were a safe place to swim and affording the children an opportunity to learn to swim.  In the beginner’s group alone, over 30 children tried hard to master the fundamentals.  Other activities included basketball, baseball, softball, ping-pong, tennis, arts and crafts, and Special events were a bicycle rodeo, canoe races, a ping-pong and horse tournament, a trip up Mt. Monadnock and the track and field events in Keene. Summer staff was:  Paul J. Breckell, Director, Dana Drake and Dennis Poirier, assistants.