1960 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report - The 1960 season at the Sand Dam was a reasonably successful
one. Among the plans which we saw developed were the addition of the morning program, the expansion of the craft program, and a widely used informal teen-age evening program.
We were happy to note that generally the care of War Memorial Program property was greatly improved. A sizable amount of repairing was done to the main building, bathhouses, out houses, clothes racks, and wharves.  The three buildings were re-stained and all metal slides, etc. were re-
painted. All of the pines were pruned.  Spring maintenance should include work on the wharves, boats, canoes, main building, and the possible addition of a raft to our waterfront area,
Girl Scout and Boy Scout groups used the area several Mines before the summer program opened. The Troy school picnic was held at the Sand l)am. The committee would like I o see more of this type of activity. Two pleasant associations carried over from last year were the Little League and Fitzwilliam participation. In each case we believe there were mutual benefits.
Next season we would like to enlarge the craft program which was very popular, to consider improvement of waterfront facilities, to consider employment of an additional trained
staff member, and to further consider making the area availa.ble for winter sports.