1959 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report - The 1959 season was the first conducted under a largely new committee.  They reduced the staff from 4 to 3 members, discontinued the morning program, offered an evening adult or family program and enlarged the committee to include more female members. The program with Fitzwilliam continued for the same $300 fee.  There weren’t any major capital improvements, but Cumings Lumber Co. donated a new diving board and Troy Mills donated a new metal flagpole.  The Troy Junior Chamber of Commerce donated a Saturday to rebuild one section of fence at the tennis court and repairs to the wharf sections. The Little League schedules were coordinated to allow time for the adult activates. Unfortunately, few adults took advantage of the program so it was discontinued and more time was spent on developing a teenage program.  The serious problem of vandalism and destruction occurred again this year during the off program hours.  As a result, extensive repairs were necessary in the spring.  Sand Dam is community property for the use of community enjoyment and if it continued it could result in a reduced program because of the efforts that would be needed to take protective measures and make repairs. Their plans for the 1960 season was to offer the morning program again, install a shuffle-board court, generate greater coordination with the Little League, revise the evening program and devote attention to teenagers.
Schedule of Activities
Monday –Friday    Waterfront
1:00-1:30   Opening exercises – free swimming
1:30-2:15   Beginners
2:15-3:00   Intermediate
3:00-3:35   Swimmers&Advanced
3:45-4:30   Junior&Senior Life Saving
4:30-5:00   Free Swimming
Marilyn McQuestion proved to be a great help in the 1959 program and possessed excellent potential.  Other swimmers who completed Senior Life Saving and/or qualified as instructors Aids were Bill Paju, James McGinnness, Richard Oman, James Dunn and Robert Tucker. Competition Day was a success and two “Moonlight and Mosquito Dances” were enjoyed on the tennis court.   Both dances were highly successful with 124-150 people attending.  A highlight was the crowing of Miss Susan Record as Miss Sand Dam of 1959.Capture The Flag, Swimming Meets and Closing Day Programs followed the same pattern as the prior years.  The third annual tri-town swimming meet was held at Sand Dam.  Swimmers from Troy, Keene and Marlboro participated.  Troy placed first.