1957 and 1958 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Reports - Sand Dam had another successful season in 1957.  There were considerable swimming and water sports due because of the warm, dry season.  Troy Mills made certain that the water was flowing over the dam practically every day of the season.  A new canoe was added to the boating fleet. Ralph Staples was in charge and completed his fifth year. The town of Marlboro had a poor season and only came to Sand Dam 2-3 times.   Mr. John Summers came from Keene to give tennis lessons to those who desired to learn.  The area was almost completed except for small touchups.  The new building was completed and was 24’ by 32’; half of it being open with the shade porch facing east.  The interior was 12’ by 32’ contained spaces for canoes and boat storage.  It had locked closets for both craft materials and sports equipment.  A large 10’ service window was installed for use of the facility and other groups.  The building was wired for lighting. The materials alone for the new building came to about $750; labor was donated by several men and was all free.  Between 6-8 men showed up every Sunday morning for five Sundays during the summer in hot weather.

The most important innovation in 1958 was the participation of the Fitzwilliam children in the program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The Town of Fitzwilliam paid $200 for the use of the area and lessons.  During the noon hour the Fitzwilliam children had adult supervision provided and the Troy children did not.  The additional children allowed a larger number for events.   The water bubbler was finally installed and tested by the health office in Keene and the State Health Department and was found to be acceptable.  The tennis courts were resurfaced and a lip added to flood for ice-skating.  It was found that one corner of the court was 19-20 inches lower than the rest and the building of a lip to contain water would be required a major construction dike.  Additional lights were installed and a total of 2300 watts of light shone on the tennis courts.   A very large target, bows and arrows were donated by Mr.&Mrs. Oscar Tuuri and completed the archery equipment. The clothes racks on the beach were repaired, oil stained and all three buildings and the pier were also oil stained.  Transferring part of the town appropriation to a special committee bank accout and payments made from this did capital improvements.  Therefore it was not necessary to raise funds for improvements as in the past.   At the last meeting the War Memorial Committee brought up several matters: It was felt that the season was over staffed and the morning program was not utilized as much as it should have because of continued cold, which was a frequent complaint in the morning.  The three churches held summer school for the period of two weeks each.  That period of six weeks, during which at least 60 or more could not make the program.   The noon period was difficult because there wasn’t any coverage.  The idea of the program beginning at 1:00 –5:00 was discussed and open two evenings from 6:00 – 8:00.At this meeting, Dr. Paul made known his plans for retirement as chairman of the committee and expressed regret that pressure of work was making it impossible for him to take on any extra-curricula activities.”
Schedule of Daily Activities:
Mon-Friday Water Front
9:30-10:00 Jr. Life Saving and Canoe Lessons
10:00-10:30    Intermediate and Swimmers
10:30-11:00    High Beginners and Intermediates
11:30-12:00    Low Beginners
1:30 – 4:30     Free Swimming, Boating, Canoe, Water Sports. Swimming Meets

Land Spots and Recreational Activities:Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Discus, Checkers, Card Games Hiking, Golf, Table Tennis, Tether Ball, Shot Put, Broad Jump, High Jump,
Fishing, Square Dancing, Folk Dancing, Social Dancing, Group Games, Playground, Horse Shoes, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer and Softball. Most appealing to the children:Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Archery, Tennis, Checkers, Track and Field and Tether ball. Arts and Crafts operated on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and appealed most to children between 6 – 11.

Approximately 30 additional children took lessons, but didn’t qualify because they either dropped out or didn’t attend the sufficient number of days.It was felt that a concentrated effort should be made to acquaint parents and children in the importance of enrolling in swimming lessons.  They felt they should have had over 100 local children in the swimming classes instead of the 12 they had.  In 1958 they didn’t have any enrolled in the Sr. Life Saving and only 5 Troy children in the Jr. Life Saving class. It was noted that Carole, Margaret and Deborah Cumings, Ricky Oman and Bobby Tucker demonstrated outstanding ability by the end of the course and would be definite assets to future swimming programs.

The swim team won all their meets between Peterborough and Rindge.
A bicycle trip to Rhododendron State Park was very successful.  A new event
Capture the Flag took place on Gap Mtn. and the Oak Tree Lot between the white and blue armies.  This event required very little equipment, no money and allowed participation by an unlimited number of children.  Archery tournaments were held weekly and Walter Make and Billy Jacobson were both outstanding at the sport. Troy 31-29 won the basketball game in 90-degree weather in August. At the closing day program the mothers of Troy and Fitzwilliam for the pie-eating contest donated loads of pies.  There were swimming demonstrations. Paddleboard rescue demonstrations, doll carriage parade (one of the highlight) and they crowned the Sand Dam freckle champion best tan champ.  Dr. Paul used his light meter for judging the Best Tan Champions.