1954 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report -The 1954 season continued to carry on the success.  The children from Keene came daily under the same arrangement as the prior year.  Marlboro children came once a week during their six-week program.  The total attendance figured on a cumulative basis was 5,000 children-days from Troy, which did not include the Keene children. The second annual tri-town swimming meet was held at Sand Dam and swimmers from Troy, Marlboro and Keene.  Troy placed first. The Troy swim team entered the New Hampshire state swimming competition in Manchester.  Harold Johnson placed 1st in 50 yd. backstrokes and Raymond Woods placed 3rd in diving. The baseball field was used by the Fitzwilliam AA and in exchange for the use of the field they cared for the ball grounds during the summer.   A Troy High School class under Mr. Trask’s direction ran the concession stand. The work on a new bathhouse began in the fall.  The exterior was finished and the interior walls were planned for spring.  

Five hundred red pine were planted by The Boy Scouts north and east of the bathhouse.Work continued on the tennis courts and asphalt was added as well as lights for evening activities such as roller-skating, or flooded during the winter for safe ice-skating. The prior year, Marlboro Recreation was not in a position to pay for the use of the area and used it for free.  This year they donated 1,00 feet of lumber for the new bathhouse, which more than compensated for the prior years usage.Archery was introduced as a sport for the first time and was very popular. The Red Cross awarded the classes with cards that earned them.