1953 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report - This season was the first ten-week season.  All previous seasons had been for eight weeks. The total attendance figured on a cumulative basis was five thousand children-days from Troy.  This figure did not include adults and the Keene children. This summer was memorable with the morning crafts program given by Mr. Ralph Staples and the opportunities for daily athletic contest with Keene.  The Troy teams were able to play all games at home so time, effort and money was saved in this department.The utilization of the Sand Dam area by The Keene Recreation Department generated favorable publicly for the town.  Keene paid $400 and it was put towards expanding the athletic field and repairs to the beach that resulted from storm damage.   Sometimes either two or four lifeguards would arrive from Keene and it allowed Mr. Staples or Mr. Dunn to be available to supervise other land sports during the swim periods.On occasion Marlboro children arrived at Sand Dam and it was fun having more children to play games.   The Troy High School class of 1956 erected a small building under the guidance of Mr. Littlefield from which they sold soft drinks, ice cream, candy and popcorn.  This venture proved to be a valuable lesson in business management and they just about broke even for the season.  Two picnic tables were added that were made at the High School and a gift of a rowboat by Charles Starkey and was named “Flo,” and two playground units were installed for very small children. Mr. Paju donated 60 pounds of scallops for the scallop fry that was held on a beautiful October Sunday. The scallop fry was a success and everybody who took part in the fry had a pleasurable afternoon. Under adult supervision the high school boys cut spruce poles and installed them as fences around the tennis court. At the end of the season Troy Blanket Mills erected a permanent sign.  The summer of 1953 was unusually dry as Troy Mills maintained the water level at the Sand Dam the entire season.  
A typical day at Sand Dam:
9:30-10:30 a.m.   Beginners swimming lessons
 Intermediate swimming lessons
10:30-noon     Craft work
Junior Life Saving
1:30-300 p.m.     Baseball game
33:00-4:30 p.m.  General swimming
Volleyball and other games
On alternate days canoeing and boating instruction replaced crafts work.
There wasn’t any problem with transportation in regards to the baseball team since a different recreation park team from Keene came to Troy every weekday and the games were scheduled around them.  Marlboro also played with the Troy teams.