1952 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report - “Reliable figures show that this program has provided recreation for some 4,000 people during its eight week session.  This figure is based on 100 people a day for 40 days.  It also includes people who visited the area every day and different does not mean 4,000 people.   It should be noted here that many parents took advantage of this area and were very welcome. “The busload of 50 children from Marlboro visited every Tuesday and spent the day participating in the outdoor activities with the children of Troy. 

A swim team composed of Gwendolyn Hurst, Harold Johnson, Bobby and Raymond Carlson traveled to Manchester and walked away with honors.  All participated in the final events by eliminating some of the states best swimmers.  When the final tally was taken, the Troy team stood at the top. 

The children started a Nature Museum by collecting, labeling and displaying specimens and it gave the children ideas about he nature around them.  Basketball, softball, baseball and volleyball continued.  The Troy baseball team played in Marlboro and Keene.

Among special events held in the summer of 1952 was an all day track and field day, with over 100 children participating; a trip up Mt. Monadnock and a bicycle rodeo, which promoted bicycle safety. 

Volunteer Mr. Clinton Royea let the program use his bus for the baseball teams.

“The children of Troy and the staff of this program thank Dr. Paul for the opportunities and guidance that he has rendered on their behalf.”