1951 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report  - Instruction for the aquatic activities was presented through the American Red Cross graded system consisting of three groups; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.   In order to maintain interest these programs were held each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The highlight to the aquatic segment was when the waterfront director, Mr. Russell McLaughlin put on a water show. 

The Beginners phase was to teach the fundamentals of swimming and was divided into two sections.  Non-swimmers and Non-swimmers who had received instruction and had not mastered the fundamentals such as dunking and floating.  This division allowed newcomers to enter classes at any time without disrupting the progress of the advanced.  The average attendance for this program was 18.

There were three baseball teams; boys 10-13, boys 14-16 and girls teenage.  Available teams were mostly out of Keene and girl’s softball teams were scarce.  Since there weren’t any leagues they could enter the scheduled games with what teams were available.
The Comets (10-13) played 7 games and won 6  (no coach)
The Bean Balls (14-16) played 5 games and won 4 (Coach Herb. Silander)
The Flying Saucers (Girls) played 3 and lost 3 (Coach L. P. Howard)
At the end of their program they went to Boston to see the Red Sox play.
Unfortunately, it was rained out but the 55 children still enjoyed their trip to the city.

There was a Handicraft Program scheduled every Tuesday at 2:00 in the afternoon in the charge of L. P. Howard.  It consisted of making birdhouses, bookcases, painting, clay modeling, clay baking and spatter painting.  The highlight of the program was to exhibit their works on Rally Day.

The Playground Activities Program used the playground mostly in the morning hours by children 14 years and younger.  This group also played group games, horseshoes, croquet, volleyball and basketball.

The Teenage Program under the charge of Mrs. Caron and L.P. Howard consisted of volleyball tournaments, ping-pong, checkers and basketball.  They also picnicked on Mt. Monadnock.   The Arts and Crafts took place at the Town Hall but they were forced to move this program to the Sand Dam because of the heat and the Town Hall was then used only on rainy days.

Every week on Thursday there was a special event.  Prizes were given for the Pet Shows, Doll and Vehicle Shows, Pirate Day, Aquatic Day and Relay Game program.

The Troy Recreation Program was directed by L.P. Howard, Jr. and
volunteers in the summer of 1951 were Joseph Merrill, Robert Lammela, Raymond Carlson, Whalen Dunn and Virginia Atkins.