1950 Troy War Memorial

Town of Troy Annual Report -It was a cool summer in 1950, which reduced water sports throughout the eastern seaboard.  Despite the cool weather three recipients of the Senior Red Cross Life Saving received awards.  Children were still able to enjoy games of touch football, softball, basketball, volleyball and other games for the younger groups.  There was an old icehouse on the premise no longer in use and plans were made to remove it in the fall so there would be a larger portion of playing surface for other sports.  In the meantime, a steel maypole and swings were added to the facilities. 
The sides of the bathhouse and toilet were covered with roofing paper and a layout for the parking was designed.

“An appraisal of the summer program may be had by quoting an excerpt from a letter written by a prominent summer resident and sent to Dr. S. E. Paul, chairman of the Memorial Recreation Program Committee; “Please use the check on the work you are doing at the Sand Dam. That is just about the finest project I ever saw a small town undertake and is to the credit of everyone connected with it -of whom, I am told, you are the leader.”

Total expenditures for the summer of 1950 were $822.92.